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2015 – The New York Highlights

During my college years, I upped sticks and lived in Vancouver and San Diego for three months a piece. Times like these, spent living with between 7 and 13 of your childhood friends in crowded apartments teach you more about life than you will ever learn in a lecture hall.

Once itchy feet, always itchy feet. When I returned home both times after those summers abroad, I knew I would spend my twenties far away from home. Dublin is a great place, but there’s a big bad world out there that needs to be experienced.

Eighteen months after handing in my final assignement and turning my back on four years in Dublin City University, I was on that flight to JFK airport with all my belongings packed into two stuffed suitcases.

Of course it helped that I wasn’t alone. I moved here with two of the most amazing, down to earth and fun loving people I know. Many of our adventures aren’t suitable for public sharing but here are my highlights of our time here thus far and my favourite things about this crazy city.

* The hilarious subway performances – whether it’s tone deaf rappers or mariachi bands, these never fail to brighten up the commute.

* Seeing DJs such as Route 94, James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem, Pete Tong and Hot Chip at some of the best venues in the city. If you find yourself at Output in Williamsburg, make sure you go down to the ‘Panther Room’ – a private part of the club where people are just in their own world busting out the best dance moves to amazing soul and salsa music.

* Eating a turkey sandwich on Thanksgiving in our local Subway restaurant…which was later washed down with Four Lokko.

* Working freelance doing social media for DIESEL in their SoHo offices.

* Eating the most delicious Chinese food and embarrassing myself attempting to use chopsticks at the infamous Wo Hop in China Town.

* Haggling with vendors in Canal Street to get knock off designer bags and sunglasses.

* Visitng Union Square, Bryant Park and Chelsea markets browsing at all the trinkets. (Particularly loved ‘Artists and Fleas’ at the Chelsea Market.)

* Getting lost in East Harlem…but managing to find discount designer pillows for the apartment.

* Sticking out like a sore thumb at a hip hop club in Alphabet City.

* Stumbling across a cat-themed speak easy Downtown which was kitted out (excuse the pun) with only cat-related objects.

* Visitng the Whitney, the Met and the Guggenheim art museums.

* Spending a night in the Village Vanguard, a hole in the wall jazz club hidden away on Perry Street in Greenwich village.

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