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To Blog Or Not To Blog?

For someone who toiled away for four years in college to eventually come out the other side with a degree in journalism, I have had a serious mental block about setting up a blog.

I can’t put my finger on it. I have been an avid reader of fashion and lifestyle blogs since before even Susie Bubble, Chiara Ferragini and Aimee Song were front row regulars and industry heavyweights. As an undergrad student, I would spend hours each week trawling through their posts, critiqueing and admiring, thinking what I would do different if I had their reach, if I had their disposable income or if I had their lifestyles….but never once did I take the finger out and create my own blogspot or tumblr (they were the main portals in 2012.)

Suddenly blogging blew up. Of course, Ireland was late to the game and a crop of bloggers began to emerge around 2014/2015. This is when I started to roll my eyes at “bloggers” and all the clichés that came with the title – photographer boyfriend, perfectly Instagrammable coffees and flawless selfies. Of course there are bloggers who I deeply admire and respect, but it now seemed that being a blogger was the new model, WAG or it girl title – all glossy events, freebies and very little content of any substance. By the time bloggers discovered SnapChat and would use the platform to endorse every single thing they had gotten in the mail that day, I grew completely disillusioned with the whole concept of being a blogger.

I guess I was always waiting for the right time to begin a blog because in my head I thought there was no point in creating an online venture that was anything short of perfect. But then it dawned on me. Unlike most bloggers we are used to seeing, I don’t have my hair perfectly styled every day; I have unruly waves and a temperamental parting. I don’t have coiffed brows; I have permanent bags from late nights and early mornings. I don’t have a size 6 frame despite claiming to eat croissants and burgers all day; I have thighs and an ass and I sometimes struggle to fit into my skinny jeans despite hours in the gym every week. I don’t have access to any clothes I want thanks to PR companies and affiliate schemes; I work six to seven days a week to pay my bills and treat myself when I feel I deserve it.

These things won’t change anytime soon, but maybe that’s the perfect reason to start a blog now; so I can stop comparing myself to other people, their careers, their closets, their content.

As Kurt Cobain once said, “Practice makes perfect, but nobody’s perfect, so why practice?”

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Photo very kindly taken by the lovely Edelle Kenny – awkwardness, all my own.