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Sound Advice I Can Never Seem To Follow

Despite consistently pinning inspirational and motivation quotes of advice to various boards on Pinterest, why is it that I am so reluctant to follow them.

In the run up to my move to New York, my mam wisely preached her three golden rules (in no particular order). With the sensibility that can only come from selflessly raising children and preparing for them to fly the proverbial nest, she carefully selected the following commandments; 1. Always take your multivitamins; 2. Don’t get fat; and 3. Don’t go on Tinder.

My mam would be glad to know that I am very diligent with my daily intake of vitamins and supplements, alas my weight does tend to yo-yo here depending on what I eat at bottomless brunch (hence the need for lots of intense workouts). As for Tinder, I gave in, swiped to my heart’s content and went on one coffee date (how tame) before deciding the whole thing was not for me.

This got me thinking – why is it that we choose to ignore good advice given to us when we know defying it isn’t going to bring us any benefits. It’s like the way I avidly read articles on my Twitter feed hailing the latest superfoods or those dubious ‘how to get six-pack abs in minutes’ posts  … but still indulge in dessert and wine several times a week.


In the same vein, here are timeless pieces of advice, sometimes worldly and sometimes just plain common sense, that I always forget to apply to my life.

  1. Drink hot water and lemon in the morning.
  • Ditto incorporating cheap but effective things like body brushing, Epsom salt baths and oil pulling into my routine.
  1. Dress for the weather, not for the occasion.
  • So many years of wearing bare legs to nightclubs, even in December.
  1. Always put money aside for emergencies.
  • Is it me or should ‘budgeting’ be a mandatory subject in school? A lot more important for the vast majority of us than electives like woodwork.
  1. Don’t sleep in your makeup.
  • Kate Bosworth can apparently count on one hand the times she has slept with a full face on, to which I say Kate Bosworth has probably got a very dull social life.
  1. Follow the 8/8/8 equation – 8 hours each of work, leisure and sleep.
  • Chance would be a fine thing. Sometimes 3 hours of sleep in New York has to get me through a 14 hour shift in work.
  1. Don’t take things to heart.
  • I will always let things get to me, and continue to let them bother me. Learning to put them in a metaphorical bubble and blow them away is an ongoing struggle.
  1. “Just Do It”.
  • Not just a catchy Nike slogan, I am constantly talking and thinking about whatever my latest plan or decision is, when I should just buckle down and act on it.
  1. Jealousy won’t get you anywhere.
  • Instead of being a green-eyed monster, I need to honour my favourite Roald Dahl quote, “Have good thoughts and they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”
  1. Sleep on it.
  • My big mouth and dry sense of humour can get me in trouble, so I must make a conscious effort not to be impulsive in the heat of the moment (or when I am hungry.)


Dress: Free People // Sunglasses: Ray Bans // Rings: Topshop

Photos: Edelle Kenny


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